Whereas some marketing agencies believe they can make do without professional copywriting (“Any fool can write, can’t they?”), Crockford Carlisle understand that a good copywriter is indispensable.


Our copywriters are excellent salespeople, only they use the written word to do the selling.

This could be on a website [see Website Copywriting], in a press or magazine ad, brochure, letter, direct mail piece, eDM, white paper, blog article, or literally any other medium.

They write persuasively and succinctly, with precisely the right tone of voice to appeal to their target market.

They also have the rare ability to fully engage the reader, wouldn’t you say?

Furthermore, they are devilishly handsome, impossibly charming and witty, and until this very moment have never been known to stretch the truth.

As you will discover when you read our blog entitled: “6 Top Tips from our Expert Copywriters”, all our writers need is a comprehensive brief detailing the benefits of your product or service and an insight into the personas of your primary audience – and they’re away.

It doesn’t even have to be writing copy as such.

Our copywriters have many strings to their bows. As true creative people, they delight in coining distinctive new business names for companies and their products, creating brand promises (also known as positioning statements) and generally coming up with great marketing ideas.